7 years; implementing programs to eliminate child labour.

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Somero Uganda is a member of the National Steering Committee on elimination of child labour under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) and  a member of the child labour partnership forum coordinated by the National Children’s Authority. The Executive Director is the ILO SCREAM (Supporting Chilren's Rights through Education the Art and Media) master trainer in Uganda and has conducted several training on SCREAM at Somero Uganda and with other partners. He is also among the team that drafted the SCREAM special module on HIV and AIDS , he worked with the with the consultant to intergrate communication for effective understanding in the Special module on Child labour and HIV, SCREAM in conflict situation and now working with a team to translate the special SCREAM Special module on Agriculture into a Ugandan local context. The executive director has also participated in the drafting of the Popularized child labor policy and the National child labor work plan bringing on board children’s voices.

At a global level Somero recently join Alliance 8.7. and is committed to create awareness about the target among children and partners.

Since 2010, Somero Uganda has been chairing the child participation sub-committee under the National Organizing committee of the WDACL. Since the time, Somero has also implemented a number of projects on child labour. Somero has also worked with other partner organizations to create a safe learning and conducive environment for supporting children to understand why they need to get out of child labor and join  the campaign as agents of social change to champion the elimination of child labour in their communities, country and the globe at large.