Somero Uganda supports three different groups of beneficiaries from slum.


The first group consists of young mothers who were not allowed to complete their education at schools but still have hope to sit the national exams (A or O level) and graduate successfully. In the Somero Centre the girls are taught half a day on a daily basis, thereafter go back and attend to their families or stay at the centre to continue studying on their own.


The second group consists of out of school children and young women who are empowered with employable skills. These could not complete their education at schools for various reasons, such as lack of finances or socio-cultural practises and end up in commercial sex work as a mean of survival. These young women require livelihood skills to get decent employment. They can choose whether to attend morning or afternoon classes in the Somero Centre. They study for five months within the Somero Centre and then do a one month internship in a business or an organisation, after which they are awarded with certificates.



The third group is the scholarship holders who do not have parents or close relatives to support them e.g. trafficked, disowned or deserted students. The support includes both school fees and scholastic materials. Students are placed in boarding schools during school time and are put under a mentor family to support their academic and moral growth during the holidays.