I grew up with a single parent that is my mum and she sacrificed anything she had for the family of 5 (4 boys & a girl) since childhood not because my father had died but he denied us responsibility. … Continued


At home am wondering, Seeking the answers to my questions With no hope in life Not knowing how to do it No one could even show me how to do it In order to find the best in me But … Continued

Nakanjako Nabirah

I live at Kawempe and I operate an internet café and do provide computer training services and any other secretarial services. Before attending the trainings, I already had this business though I used to earn no profits but only incurred … Continued

Gorret Nabukenya

I am one of the beneficiaries for the Youth to Youth Fund project. I operate an electronics business. Before the project, the state of my business wasn’t all that pleasing, the stock was 2 million and as I narrate now, … Continued

Kawooya Sula

I am 22 years old young entrepreneur operating a small stationery with in the slums of Bwaise. Being a young and determined young lady, I had to find means of earning a living and support my family in financial terms. … Continued

Regina Kyazike

I am running an electronic business in Kawempe Kilokole zone. Before the training, my business was in a fair state because I had a small stock due to small capital but after being trained the skills of financial management and … Continued

Kafeero Andrew

I stay in Makindye and I am the first born of the 5 children. I was born in a very humble family which couldn’t afford to pay my fees at an advanced level. Given the fact that my mother had to … Continued

Uneza Barbra Allen

I had no idea of coming to Somero Uganda, but I was inspired by another member of Somero. In life, I took myself as life failure, and I had no options then. Before getting inspired by Somero Uganda, and getting … Continued