HIV/AIDS Care for children and adolescents in Kampala

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The project is funded by Infectious Disease Institute, and is implemented in all Kampala divisions, but Somero works in Nakawa and Kawempe divisions. Activities include;
1. Conducting home visits to support retention of PLHIV in care through community follow up
2. Conducting home visits to strengthen adherence to HIV treatment and to clinic schedules among special categories of PLHIV in care including; Adolescents, clients on second line ARVs, PLHIV with high Viral loads, and clients with very low CD4
3. Conduct home visits to support identification of OVC households through vulnerability assessments
4. Conduct home visits to trace children and partners of index PLHIV in the communities of Kawempe and Nakawa divisions for HIV Testing and counselling, counselling and linking the identified HIV positive partners and children into care, as well as follow up counselling services to these clients at home.
5. Facilitate effective referrals for clients within Kawempe and Nakawa divisions to appropriate support structures within the facilities, divisions and community.
6. To support risk reduction interventions among adolescents and youth through conducting post-test club meetings for youth and adolescents in Kawempe and Nakawa divisions.
7. To create demand for HIV testing services among OVCs and other children at risk of HIV through Mobilizing OVCs and other children at risk of HIV for community-based HTC through peer educators and carrying out HTC in the communities of Nakawa and Kawempe divisions