Gorret Nabukenya

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I live at Kawempe and I operate an internet café and do provide computer training services and any other secretarial services. Before attending the trainings, I already had this business though I used to earn no profits but only incurred losses and I would borrow in order to run the business. Little did I know that savings from the business can sustain it, actually I wouldn’t even get the electricity and internet bills from the business because I was operating in losses.

Early July 2014 I heard about the IT Entrepreneurial project for young entrepreneurs organized by Somero Uganda and the supporting organization HUYSLINCI so I decided to be part of it because I wanted to learn new skills about business management which I exactly got from the entrepreneurship and village saving and loans association trainings. I managed to attain more tips about how to save for business and how to access credit easily.  Before, I was attached to some saving group which was only encouraging personal savings but after the training I decided to start saving basically for my business, I managed to train my fellow group members extra skills I had got from the training and one of the skills was not only to save but also to easily access loans from our group. This used not to exist in our group before. As I narrate now, the group is now very strong and members are developing so fast I inclusive. Before the training I did not have any business savings but now I have savings of 480,000/= and with this am setting up a stationery in two weeks time. Still, due to the trainings in financial management and book keeping, before I used not to have proper records, but now I record on a daily basis and this is helping me to see how my business is progressing and am able to plan accordingly.

I conclude by sending a token of thanks to HUYSLINCI which supported Somero Uganda to improve on the business life of young entrepreneurs.

A waiting more  trainings!

By Gorret Nabukenya

A young entrepreneur who benefited from IT Entrepreneurial project.