Kafeero Andrew

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I am running an electronic business in Kawempe Kilokole zone. Before the training, my business was in a fair state because I had a small stock due to small capital but after being trained the skills of financial management and access to credit, I improved on my saving culture. Currently, my business has savings of 500,000/= and am planning to start a piggery project. At first I didn’t have courage to start another business but now I have the courage to start a second one.

Still, I attained marketing skills where I learnt that good customer care can also market my goods, with this I used to treat my customers any how but now I see them as my bosses. Before the training, I used to report late at my business little did I know that it was so much affecting me and my business too, Currently, since I learnt to be the early bird I catch most warmth and this has contributed to an increase of my stock by 10%.

Before the training, I didn’t know the value of book keeping but after I started and have maintained this exercise and it has worked very well for me since I can now monitor the progress of my business.

The impact of the trainings has also enabled me to think out of the box, before I was contented with the small space I was operating in but now am planning to relocate my business to a bigger space and to always purchase my stock from abroad since am planning to operate on a large scale.

I therefore send a token of thanks to Somero Uganda and the supporting organization HUYSLINCI for the impact they have made on both my life and the business too.