Kawooya Sula

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I am one of the beneficiaries for the Youth to Youth Fund project. I operate an electronics business. Before the project, the state of my business wasn’t all that pleasing, the stock was 2 million and as I narrate now, the stock is worth 8 million. I had no records for my business but after the trainings on financial management and Somero Uganda’s offer of the ledger books, I now manage well the records of my business, this is enabling me to see how my business is progressing.

The saving culture for my business and as a person wasn’t active but after, I managed to start a saving group, we already opened up an account for our saving group and it is a joint account.

Currently my business has savings of 800,000/= and out of my personal savings I have managed to buy a laptop where I use excel to manage my records (for soft copy records) and from the same savings I have managed to access a passport. I chose this travelling document because in near future I would like to get my stock from outside Uganda. I will need much stock because am also planning to open up another branch.

Still before, my business hadn’t been registered but currently I am operating legally and I have already paid the license for this year which I am so grateful for. I do operate without fear.

Therefore send my token of thanks to the project Somero Uganda won from HUYSLINCI, this has changed my business for the better.