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I had no idea of coming to Somero Uganda, but I was inspired by another member of Somero. In life, I took myself as life failure, and I had no options then. Before getting inspired by Somero Uganda, and getting connection to Somero Uganda I was stuck in my life. I had no options. When I went to my friends, talking about educative things, they would ask me about education and I would start trembling. I would pretend I couldn’t hear them. I changed the story.

But I joined Somero.

I am advising the youth that I have benefited from Somero Uganda. I am proud of it. And I’m proud of each and every person who serves in Somero Uganda. And I am advising you: join Somero Uganda. It’s free. It’s education for young people in Uganda. They are ready to help in everything you hope that you will find your future. I love Somero.