Nakanjako Nabirah

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At home am wondering,

Seeking the answers to my questions

With no hope in life

Not knowing how to do it

No one could even show me how to do it

In order to find the best in me

But comes the best of the best

A home far away from home

Shaping me in the best way they could

To find a long lost dream

Here and there, I have searched

Where could I find a heart like this?

That kicks ignorance away and far away

And considers me like its own

Challenging me for the better

In order to make me reach there

To match the standards of theirs, who have made it in life

Go higher Somero Uganda

Praises and thanks to the Somero team

You fix pieces of shattered dreams

And now, many see light at the end of the tunnel

Long live Somero team,

Long live Somero Uganda!!!

By  Nakanjako Nabirah

                                                                                                       IT student beneficiary,  

                                                                                                       Somero Uganda

                                                                                                       June – December intake