Advocacy and community involvement

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Somero advocates and creates awareness on children and youth related issues within it's areas of operation. We focus on programs that promote education, children's rights, reproductive health and early childhood development.  We also fight against drug abuse, child exploitation and gender based violence. 
This program uses SCREAM (Supporting Childrens's Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media) methodology  to sensitise the community on matters concerning children.  

Agents of Social change  

The program mainly targets young people who want to contribute to the development of the community. They conduct research to identify patent topics in different communities, plan and implement projects  projects within them. 

Implemented projects include management of the first drop (menstruation) among primary school pupils, interactive prevention of drug abuse, and global education among others. 

Educational talks

The program is aimed at influencing change among students by helping them to realize their potential. Topics discussed include career guidance, importnace of education, students rights and responsibilities,  prevention of drug abuse, child protection and health talks among others. 

Community support programs

The organization works with the schools, religious institutions, cultural and the local community systems to create awareness among the teaching and non-teaching staff. The parents affiliated to the schools, religious or community institutions create a supportive environment for the Somero Uganda programs through supporting groups called the ‘mentor groups’.

Art and Drama

Working with the beneficiaries the organization reaches out to the communities through art and drama activities. Such activities include developing community/schools art murals, community/school drama shows and community/school film and photo exhibition.

Art murals

Raising awareness about child labour, prevention of child labour and promotion of education in the communities through art murals using SCREAM methodology. Take a look at our last Art murals project

Dance inspire

This is a youth group which employs modern dance to advocate for and sensitize communities on different issues affecting the youth in the slums. They have implemented projects on child labor, early marriages, cross generational sex among others. The group has 20 young people (10 boys and 10 girls).