Education program

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The program provides educational opportunities to marginalised children and young women.  

The home based schooling; Supporting education for young mothers

A program provides education for young mothers who have dropped out of school due to pregnancy. Classes are conducted at an identified home in the community selected by the beneficiaries where they all gather and teachers are employed by the organisation to conduct half a day classes there. This is so because its hard for them to get intergated in the normal schooling system with the family responsibilities.

In the third term of their final year the girls are then attached to a boarding school to be able to sit for their exams. This program targets young mothers who dropped out of school after completing Ordinary level.


Promotion of girl child education

Somero Uganda implements the girl child education programs that provides scholarships to girls from the time they are identified up to University level. These are girls affected by trafficking, commercial sex work and early marriage. The education program provides full or partial scholarship and also uses mentor families to support trafficked girls during their holidays.

Community library

The Somero Centre also runs a community library which is accessed by students studying and living in the slums. The library has subject books and computers connected to internet.