Global Learning

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We run a community center in the slums of Kawempe division with a youth corner that provides a safer space for the youth to plan and run own programs depending on their needs in order to support their communities. Among programs are projects on Global Learning. Furthermore, the center also has an E-learning unit where the youth also access online information to understand what beyond their community. Global education has become a very pertinent topic among the slums youth accessing the Somero center.

As a part of the workshop, participants had a great opportunity to listen to the speech via Skype by Marion Rolle, German social worker and political scientist from The Association for Development Politics of Lower Saxony (Verband Entwicklungspolitik Niedersachsen, VEN). The presentation shed new light on the concept of Global Learning, how can we, living in Global North as well as Global South, engage towards a sustainable world, global social justice and equal development rights for all.

Recorded speech can be found under this address: