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The members of our community each have their own unique stories of their lives before, and while attending, Somero Uganda. We have compiled them into the Storybook of Somero. Martin I had no idea of coming to Somero Uganda, but … Continued


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The I- mentor is a “Leader to leader mentor-ship program” where community leaders interacts with young who have leadership ambitions, the program connects Leaders who have experience in handling real world scenarios and have created a positive impact in their … Continued


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LEAD! Leadership, Education and Development! Is a global project aiming at empowering young people to work as team leaders in *Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Germany and 9 countries of the global South. The project promotes commitment and partnership for sustainable … Continued

Education program

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The program provides educational opportunities to marginalised children and young women. The home based schooling; Supporting education for young mothers A program provides education for young mothers who have dropped out of school due to pregnancy. Classes are conducted at … Continued

Alcohol & drug abuse prevention

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Somero Uganda is a member of the Uganda Alcohol Policy Alliance. Since 2013, we implement activities on the prevention of Alcohol, drugs and substance abuse. Over 1,000 slum youth have been reached with drugs and Alcohol Prevention and treatment messages. … Continued

Global Learning

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We run a community center in the slums of Kawempe division with a youth corner that provides a safer space for the youth to plan and run own programs depending on their needs in order to support their communities. Among … Continued

Child labour prevention

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In February 2010 the ILO/IPEC carried out a communication audit on current awareness raising efforts as well as the effectiveness and the efficacy with which child labour messages are communicated to communities. The findings showed the need for heightened awareness … Continued

Entrepreneurship project

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Entrepreneurial skills training Entrepreneurship is an intergral part of the IT employable skills development program. We run a business unit where beneficiaries practice entrepreneurial skills as learnt during the different training workshops. All beneficiaries join business groups where they save … Continued

Role model

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With support from Foundation 10%, 100 young women were reached out through the role model skills development. Under this project, a beneficiary with a special skill volunteers to pass on the skill to other beneficiaries with the support of Somero … Continued

Young mothers

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Young mothers pilot project took place in Jan 2013 – Dec 2014. Currently the organization seeks funds for continuation of the program.  Incentives for project implementation Uganda has one of the highest rates of adolescent pregnancy in Sub-Saharan Africa. 25 percent … Continued


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In December 2014, Save the Children Uganda started working with us to test the e-based learning program on Sexual reproductive health called “Learning About Living” (LAL) which also equipped our e-learning unit with 12 computers. Until June 2014, 72 beneficiaries … Continued

Advocacy and community involvement

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Somero advocates and creates awareness on children and youth related issues within it’s areas of operation. We focus on programs that promote education, children’s rights, reproductive health and early childhood development.  We also fight against drug abuse, child exploitation and gender based violence. This … Continued

SRH & Behaviour Change Communication

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Since inception, Somero has run activities to provide information on Sexual Reproductive Health; over 2,000 in and out of school young people have been reached. In 2013, we were trained by Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung (DSW) an SRH training center to … Continued

Livelihood Skills Development

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Financial literacy and IT employable skills development We are implementing an IT women empowerment program to empower girls and young women living in the slums of Kawempe division with IT employable skills that can enable them to earn a living. … Continued